Photos from our Inaugural juried show!

QTC 2014 at Kitao Gallery: Lxs Afrxlatinxs by Whitney P. Lopez

Lxs Afrxlatinxs (pronounced Les Afrelatines) is a visibility project for queer-identifying Afrolatin@s. Through video interviews, storytelling, and photography, the project provides a space for the community building, agency, and self-expression for LGBTQ+ Latin@s of acknowledged African heritage.

Whitney P. Lopez is a genderqueer/nonbinary artist and anthropologist of African American and Boricua descent. As an anthropologist and Africana scholar, Whitney’s main work has been curating panel discussions and talks on race, racism, gender, and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the United States. They are also a crafter and the designer behind the handmade accessories of Porque Flora Said So.

Second show information!

Flyer for the Student Art Show.

We got featured in the Daily Gazette’s “The Week in Photos”!

Flyer for the Student Art Show.

We got featured in the Daily Gazette’s “The Week in Photos”!

Student Art Show, Fall 2013.   Curated by Chris Moyer ‘15, Deborah Krieger ‘16, Tara Giangrande ‘16 and Clara Habermeier ‘17.


Deborah Krieger ‘16 

Chris Moyer ‘15

Clara Habermeier ‘17

Joon Park ‘17

David Falk ‘17

Samantha Goldstein ’14

Leela Breitman ‘17

Noah Morrison ‘17

Emma Kates-Shaw ‘16

Martin Froger- Silva ‘16

Yenny Cheung ‘16


OPENING MONDAY 12/10/12 4:30PM - 6:00PM


Prashant Arya ‘13
Alexis Dziedziech ‘13
Miranda Geraci-Yee ‘13
Khalia Grady ‘13
Fatimah Hameed ‘13
Nancy Haro ‘13
Molly Lichten ‘15
Rachell Morillo ‘14
Julie Warech ‘13


Photo from The Phoenix

Read about our latest IC Show here, courtesy of The Phoenix and Taylor Hodges.

Acapella performance by Essence of Soul during opening night. Photo courtesy of Minh Vo



More photos from Sung & Sarah’s joint show.

Photography courtesy of Kat Clark